Welcome! I am the Technology Guru and Librarian here at IACS.  This year I am part of the Remote Learning Team, where I will be assisting our students who will be doing remote learning and will also be our on-site technology on-call person.  This is my 13th year at Independence Academy.  


I have my Masters of Education in E-Learning (AKA Online Learning), completed February 2020. I'm super excited to be done!


Away from school I love to spend time with my family, read, spend time in my yard, and play video games on my custom desktop PC that my husband built me for our 10th wedding anniversary this summer.  You will frequently find me at the ballpark, cheering on my kids.


Check out the video put together by the Remote Learning Team.

This year I will be teaching 6th grade Technology and 7th/8th grade Technology.  I look forward to this journey with my students. If you want to learn more about those classes, click the links to the left.