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IACS Prekindergarten Program

This Week
Hello all,
We are getting excited and prepared for this upcoming 2023-2024 school year! Hopefully you have had a safe and fun Summer full of learning and relaxation. This section of our website will be updated weekly and include any important information and activities that we have done throughout the week. We are looking forward to getting to work with all of you this year!
Don't forget to sign-up for Back-to-School Night on Thursday, August 10th.
We will see you soon,
Ms. Margie, Ms. Ellie, Mr. Hunter, and Ms. Nyssa
Starting school for the first time as a child is a very exciting event! Many parents want their child to get a head start on school by attending a preschool program first, some parents opt for a preschool program due to the fact they need childcare for their child and 'they might as well be learning' during this time. Some parents think 'my child will start school when it is time to go to kindergarten'. While all of these are very real and personal decisions, here are some of the skills we work on in prekindergarten in preparation for a smooth transition into 'regular' school.
In preschool:
*we learn to walk in a line
*we sit in circle time
*we raise our hand to talk in circle to add thoughts and conversation to topics covered
*we work on numbers 1-20 (number recognition, number value, rote counting, more, less, equal)
*we work on capital and lower case letters, their sound, naming objects that start with each letter
*we write our name with capital and lower case letters
*we cut, glue and follow directions to complete developmentally appropriate projects
*we learn to problem solve for ourselves and with friends
*we read and discuss stories and vocabulary used
*we learn about people and traditions in the past and how people celebrate those today
*we learn to explore the how and why and I wonder if...during science
*we learn through hands on discovery, play and group activities
IACS offers a half day program and a full day preschool program. Come visit and see why we are different than many other programs!
Hello All,
We are proud to announce that we have opted to participate in the Universal Pre-K program that will be implemented in the Fall of 2023. Below is a link that will provide you an application as well as answer any questions that you may have. This will be a great tool to provide the best education that we can for your kids. Spots are limited and remember that this application does not replace the Pre-K paperwork for Independence Academy Charter School. Both packets will need to be filled out.
Also, our Open House for the 2023-24 School Year will be Friday February 3rd from 11:00am - 6:00pm. This will be an opportunity to visit the classrooms and chat with the teachers.
Please let us know if there are any further questions you may have and we will do our best to answer them.