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I have been a teacher since 2015, joining Independence Academy the beginning of November 2020. I love when students get to learn by trial and error - trying new things, incorporating things already learned, and ending up with something new!
I currently teach Film Arts and Photography for middle school. I am also part of the News Crew, Chef's Choice, and Gaming after school clubs.
I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a focus on visual effects for television and film in 2009.
I have experience in film including editing and visual effects. In the past, I have worked for one of the local news stations and have done various digital art projects for a wide array of clients including motion graphics, logo and advertisement design.
In my free time, I love reading, video games, movies, crafting, Lego... LOTS of things. I love Disney movies and will never get too old for a good animated film or show! My favorite genre is sci-fi & fantasy. I love to swim in my mermaid tails in my free time! I have 2 bengal kitties and enjoy nature-watching! I also enjoy SCUBA diving and the ocean! Tiny things make me happy (dollhouse stuff, Mini Brands, tiny versions of snacks... just... TINY!) 😃
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Ms. Laura Traver
Film Arts & Photography
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