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Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


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Traffic Loop

Before School Program

Before school care starts at 7:15 am. You will need to be sure to register for this service or we can not guarantee someone will be available for supervision.

Regular Drop Off (7:40-7:55)

Please follow the one-way lane through the entire drop off loop. Please have your child exit the vehicle on the right hand side. Be sure to drop off your child in their designated zone.Come to a complete stop before your child exits the vehicle. There is NO parking in the loop. If you must park, you may use the parking lot located to the south of the loop.  Always use the crosswalk.


Pick Up (4:00-4:15)

There is no parking and waiting in the pick up loop prior to 3:50 pm. If you are here prior to 3:50 pm please park in a parking space and rejoin the line at 3:50 pm or come inside and check your student out. You may also park in the parking lot and walk up to meet your child in line.


If you pick up your child after 4:15, you will need to park in the south parking area, and come into the building to sign your child out from after school care. Fees will apply.