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Blog: Adventures of Phil the Phoenix and Coney

New blog to follow:

These are the adventures of Phil the Phoenix and Asset's friend Coney. They are new friends and will have lots of experiences and information to share with students about our new building project and construction in general. The blog is geared mostly for elementary students but could also be fun for middle school students.

Please share this link with your students, and family so they all can follow Coney’s journey:

No School

IACS Closed Monday, 10/26 due to inclement weather

IACS Mask Policy, updated per Ex.Order D2020-164

To comply with Governor Polis’ extension of executive order D 2020-164, all students 6th grade and up will be required to wear masks at all times while at school. Students will be given frequent mask breaks outside. Please make sure to send your students to school with their own masks starting August 19th. If your student is Pre-K - 5th grade, masks are encouraged but not required.

August Newsletter

Check out the many important announcements and information for back to school.

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter has a lot of info regarding the end of the school year and looking ahead to the summer and the 20-21 school year.

Distance Learning for Remainder of the year

IACS will be closed to in-person learning for the remainder of the school year. We will be following the guidelines of D51 and continue with distance education until the end of school, May 22, 2020. #iacsgj #togetherwerise #togetherwesoar #togetherwelearn #distancelearning

Per orders from Governor, the building is closed

Per orders from Governor Polis, IACS is closed to all staff, students, and parents until further notice. No one is allowed in the building for any reason. Anything that might be needed for online learning is available online. Please stay home and stay safe.
#stayhomestaysafe #onlinelearning #closedbutstillawesome #iacsgj #togetherwerise #togetherwesoar #weareIACS
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