Sarah Eller

“Without continuous hands-on experiences, it is impossible for children to acquire a deep Intuitive understanding of the natural world.”

Robins C. Moor and Herb H. Wong


When I stopped and looked at the last ten years of my life, I saw a century of outdoor exploration and learning had taken place.  From Guiding in the mountains of Wyoming, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail and serving on ‘Search and Rescue’ I had made outdoor adventure and exploration my continuing education.


I am excited to bring new outdoor experiences and learning to IACS and look forward to our growth and adventures.  It takes a community to educate and raise our upcoming generations.  Living with the pandemic has pressed all of us to adapt and change, and the Lead and Explore classes have also adapted and changed.  The Fall Semester of Lead and Explore classes is as follows:


Lead & Explore 6th grade (6A)

Objective:6th grade students will be immersed in leadership curriculum for our first unit with a final project putting their leadership skills to the test by conducting a lesson to another class at our school, performing a skit, or teaching their peers. We will round out the semester with an in depth study of First Aid and CPR, I am proud to be able to offer this certification for our young community member. I believe that our middle school students are not too young to save a life.

All students who are receiving this training online MUST test their skills with me to pass and get certified.


Wilderness Survival/ Outdoor living (7th)

Objective: this elective will offer students a chance to look at different types of wilderness skills and choose from a variety of activities to practice outdoor living and survival tips/tricks. They will receive an at home study kit to conduct their study from.

 Parents will need to provide a few items for this class. This class can be modified to fit the level of parents ability to be involved. (Parent involvement is very important for safety on some topics, such as knife handling and fire building)


Builders Corner (8th)

Objective: This elective class offers the opportunity for students to explore building through structural understanding. Students will experience building with a variety of popsicle stick structure projects and larger. Starting simple and building their skills to an advanced level.


 Adventure Challenge Fall 2020 (7th/8th)

Objective: This elective is based around student choice. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of challenges that are worth different levels of points. The goal of the class is to create the necessary amount of points through challenges of their choosing while hitting on all the variety of categories.





Welcome Back IACS Middle School Students

Meet your teachers and get a quick look at a few of the new procedures Remember Bring a water bottle everyday to school as we will no longer be using the water fountains. Pack a lunch for each day EVEN Thursdays. We are currently working on an alternative to Pizza. Stay posted..