Sarah Eller

“Without continuous hands-on experiences, it is impossible for children to acquire a deep Intuitive understanding of the natural world.”

Robins C. Moor and Herb H. Wong


When I stopped and looked at the last ten years of my life, I saw a century of outdoor exploration and learning had taken place.  From Guiding in the mountains of Wyoming, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail and serving on ‘Search and Rescue’ I had made outdoor adventure and exploration my continuing education.


I am excited to bring new outdoor experiences and learning to IACS and look forward to our growth and adventures.  It takes a community to educate and raise our upcoming generations.  As we get outside, build and explore, it takes more,eyes, ears and hands then I have, please contact me if you are interested in volunteering and joining in the fun.


Lead and Explore Spring Semester Elective 2020

Get outside semester is offering an expeditionary based curriculum exploring winter skills, land navigation and the art of orienteering.  With an extension unit in rock climbing and canyoneering.  This semester will have project based learning and student driven activities with possible field trips. 


Lead and Explore 6th grade spring 2020

6th grade students will be immersed in leadership curriculum for our first unit with a final project putting their leadership skills to the test by conducting a lesson to another class at our school, performing a skit, or teaching their peers. We will round out the semester with an in depth study of First Aid and CPR, I am proud to be able to offer this certification for our young community member. I believe that our middle school students are not to young to save a life.