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Welcome to Mr. Gagnon's 5th Grade Classroom

Welcome back!!!!

My name is Andrew Gagnon (Gon-Yen, or just Mr. G.) and I’ll be your fifth grade teacher this year. I am currently in my 11th  year teaching, and this is my sixth year here at Independence Academy! I grew up in Michigan, and graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Science and Elementary Education. When I’m not here at school, you can find me doing nearly anything outside. I am an especially avid fisherman and hunter. I’m looking forward to a great year here at Independence Academy!




Here in the first few weeks of school, we will learn all of the classroom policies and procedures that will make our classroom run for the rest of the year. I have posted a student (long) version and a parent (condensed)version of our classroom procedures under my staff page for your viewing. Your kids are aware that basically everything comes down to respect. So, while we may have a handful of rules in place, really they just encompass making good choices and being respectful of themselves, other learners, and me as a teacher.



Just as a reminder, your child does have homework EVERY NIGHT.

 Monday-Thursday: reading 20 minutes a night, a Math worksheet, and spelling words/vocabulary Friday-Sunday: Reading 20 minutes two nights over the weekend


Homework should take no more than 50 minutes per night during the week. I only send homework that supports skills we are learning in class, and it’s really important to your child’s future success to develop good work habits!  I do understand that sometimes the unexpected may happen, simply send your child with a note explaining what happened.


Daily Schedule 

8:00-8:10-Planner/HW Check/Bell Work

8:10-9:25- Math

9:25-9:35-Snack/Bathroom Break

9:35-10:40- Science/ Social Studies

10:40-11:00- Recess


Aug. 19->Sept.3---CREW

Sept. 8->Sept. 24—Art

Sept. 28->Oct. 15---PE

Oct. 19-> Nov. 5—Music


12:40-12:50 Bathroom Break

12:50-1:40- Reading

1:40-1:50- Snack/Bathroom Break



2:00-3:15- Planner/Jobs/Pack-up

3:15-3:30-Read Aloud/ Thurs. Holler

3:30 Head out to Pick-Up Loop


Contacting Me 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions of concerns you have throughout the year.  Email is a great way to get ahold of me as I check it at usually twice a day, before and after the school day. Voicemail will be checked at the end of each school day.




PHONE: (970) 254-6850


ext. 67120


Remote Learners

Here are the codes for our Google Classrooms for 5th grade:

Gagnon/Chemm(Pogge)Google Classroom: bsfovbf

5ht Grade Specials Google Classroom: umktmcq

-Savvas (Formally Pearson) Realize
-Khan Academy
-Read Works
-Big Universe
Google Classroom
If you simply click on on the following link it will take you to our Google Classroom where you will be able to get, complete, and turn in work during the shutdown.
computer password
Savvas (Formally Pearson) Realize

Go to

Your username is your computer username with iacs added to the end (usernameiacs)

Your password is your school computer password with d51 added to the end. (passwordd51)
Read Works

Go to and click on student login.

Then enter our classroom code

Then find your name.

Your password is your school computer password

Then once you are in you should see your assignments.  Be sure to check the due dates.

When you are answering the written comprehension questions be sure to use RACES (Restate the question as statement, Answer the question, Cite evidence, Explain if needed, Sum it up.) For citing evidence, you will need to look in the text and highlight where you found each of your answers, then hovering over the highlight text choose a color and then click on the text bubble and identify which question the highlighted info goes with ex. Q1.

Be sure you answer all the questions before you hit the submit button as once you do all answer are final.  The program will save your work as you go so you do not need to finish it all in one sitting.